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Originality in music is the cornerstone upon which The Bembry Entertainment Group is built.  At the heart of Bembry Music are simply a single Dad and his sons. Each individual artist who just do what they do!

From smooth R&B love songs to edgy, provocative rap and hip hop, we've got something for you! As founder and CEO of Bembry Music I couldn't be more proud! While starting out many years ago as just me as "Chivalry," I've had the pleasure of seeing my children grow up and join me! I thought they only cared about basketball! Imagine my surprise when I realised that their listening to me all their lives in my room had in fact rubbed off! : ) I guess what I'm most proud of is their individuality as artists. You see I was born and raised in Detroit during the Motown Era and have an obsession with originality after so many decades of "Commercial" music. We look forward to bringing you more music for many years to come!  

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Founded in 1998 as a record label and launching pad for Smooth R&B Crooner, "Chivalry." Today The Bembry Entertainment Group is a multifaceted company that brings you new independent music artists, provocative casual wear lines, (“Boy Toy”), Business solutions, web design and development, internet marketing and consulting services. 

As pioneers of the Web and the new technologies that make it possible for anyone to bring their ideas and passions to the world, we've always aspired to help others to see the possibilities since the very beginning! Whether you're an artist, entrepreneur, or just good of heart, we hope to inspire you!

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  • "Chivalry"

    "Romantic, sensual moments in time," best describes what Chivalry brings to his genre of music which he considers to be "Smooth R&B." Moods of passion permeate from every track!                               

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  • "STEEZE"

    "Steeze" comes to the table with a style that's truly his own. The youngest in the Bembry clan shows us all that he's been taking notes the whole time!


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  • M.I.C.C.

    Writer, producer and artist. His latest project, "She got That" has been released and Dance Rap is about to take on a whole new meaning!


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  • "FittedKiid"

    2011 will bring the first full cd release from L.O.,aka "FittedKiid" which is being recorded in the studios now. More creative control is now in his hands as he has grown tremendously over the last year

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